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Thank you for featuring Boaz International Education in media:

2024 May 16

Family Development Foundation 羅乃萱會客室 - SEN孩子學習妙法數學文字英文題

Does your child encounter difficulties in handling mathematics word problems? In this episode with Shirley Loo, Miss Chan will share tips to help children break down comparing more or less word problems and understand relationships between numbers by using their strengths in visual. Apart from mathematics, the children may mix up similar words in English. If you want to know more about the strategies, don't miss the video!


2024 April 26

Family Development Foundation 羅乃萱會客室 - SEN孩子學習妙法乘數表

Does your child struggle with learning the times tables? Have you tried using songs or asking your child to recite them, but it didn’t work at all? In this episode with Shirley Loo, Miss Chan will share how to use the strength of dyslexic children – finding patterns, to help them overcome their difficulty in memorizing the times table! However, does mastering the times tables mean that the child can do word questions? Miss Chan is going to share some tips on answering word questions in Maths in the next episode. If you are interested, don’t miss it!


2024 April 18

Family Development Foundation 羅乃萱會客室 - SEN孩子的行為處理

After sharing tips on how to understand the underlying cause of children’s behavior in the previous episode with Shirley Loo, Miss Chan will share with parents on how to ‘find the right antidote’ to deal with their child’s emotions and behaviors based on their needs. Apart from emotions and behaviors, Miss Chan will also share different learning strategies for helping children with dyslexia in the next episode. If you are interested, please stay tuned!


2024 April 9

Family Development Foundation 羅乃萱會客室 - SEN孩子的情緒處理

Thank you for inviting Miss Chan to share some tips for parents on understanding the underlying causes of their children's behavior. In the next session, Miss Chan will share some strategies on how to effectively deal with children's behavior. If you are interested, please stay tuned for our next event!


Feb 20


Facebook Live with Family Development Foundation (爸媽鬆一ZONE - 「沒有不受教的孩子 只有不合適的教學方法」)

Thank you, Ms. Shirley Loo for inviting Miss Chan to share her childhood learning journey, and how her parents, and teachers accompany her throughout the journey. These tough experiences helped her understand more about the needs of children with special learning difficulties as well as their parents. She also established Boaz and designed tailor-made learning strategies to cater the needs of each individual students so as to develop them into individual learners. She believes that every child can learn and her teaching belief is ‘If children don’t learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.’. We hope to be a companion of our parents and grow with our children. We also look forward to seeing our children finding their own way of learning!

YouTube Video Cover.jpg

2023 Oct 7

Interview from JESSICA Magazine: 【Never forget why we started】(勿忘初心)🤍

Thank you JESSICA Magazine for interviewing our founder and director Ms. Twiggy Chan and giving us the opportunity to share our vision and mission! Every interview reminds us why Boaz is established. We believe that: If the children do not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn. We will keep on spreading our vision from Hong Kong to different places around the world. ✨

Jessice (16x9)_edited.jpg

2023 Apr 9

RTHK FM 926 Radio Sharing: We are not monsters

Thank you RTHK (香港電台) for inviting Ms. Chan to share how her learning journey as a student with Dyslexia has led her to her current teaching belief. Sharing our vision and belief to the public, we hope to inspire more parents to cultivate their children as an independent learner. Let’s listen to the radio and learn more about the strategies we used to teach students with Dyslexia!

rthk FM926.jpeg

Dec 14

GBA Outstanding Women Entrepreneur Awards 2022

Thank you Hong Kong Small and Medium Enterprises Association and Metro Finance for presenting this award to Boaz and Ms. Chan. We will continue helping students with Dyslexia to find learning strategies that suit them, so that they can develop into independent learners. May our teaching belief continuously spread to places around the world and help more families in need.


Nov 26

DBS Foundation Grant Award 2019

Boaz Education was a proud awardee of the DBS Foundation Grant Award 2019, which recognises Boaz Education makes social impact. The DBS Foundation grant will support the international accreditation of our trainer programme thereby encouraging more passionate educators in this field and supporting students from marginalised groups.

DBS banner.webp

Sep 9

The "Never Give Up" story featured in Local Ginger

​Thank you Local Ginger (本地薑) for featuring Miss Chan's Dyslexia story to spread the message in the public that we should always believe in ourselves and not giving up when facing challenge. Everyone of us has the power to make a change from disadvantages to our advantages!

Local Ginger (1).webp

Dec 25

Contribution in Special Education
(Featured Article in EdUHK AADO Magazine)

It is our honor to be invited by Alumni Affairs and Development Office from The Education University of Hong Kong, featuring Miss Chan in the alumni magazine. Miss Chan shares her learning journey overcoming dyslexia, the enlightenment by a great teacher on how to learn, and the vision and belief of Boaz Education.

It would make a greater benefit for them if teachers can put themselves in the shoes of students with SEN and see education a different point of view.


May 26

RTHK Radio 2 Sharing on "University Station (TP x Jubo)"

Thank you RTHK Radio 2 "University Station (TP x Jubo)" for inviting Ms. Chan and Mr. Kingsly. Ms. Chan shared the experience as a dyslexic, the struggle and difficulties she faced in learning during her childhood.
Mr. Kingsly also shared his experience as an SEN instructor, facilitating SEN students with some unique skills to help them walk through their hard times in learning.
Parents and university students who are interested in SEN education are welcome to replay the radio and learn more about the what Ms. Chan and Mr. Kingsly had shared.


Apr 25

CTGoodJobs: Mr. Kingsly and Ms. Vienne sharing as SEN Instructors, their Learning Strategies and Passion

Thank you CTGoodJobs for featuring the story of Ms. Chan and Boaz Education. As a dyslexic, Miss Chan truly understands learning barriers and difficulties. Mr. Kingsly and Ms. Vienne also introduced some innovative learning skills. They also mentioned that great patience, creativity and observation skills are required as being SEN instructors. 
We are always looking for instructors who want to make a change to the world to join us.


Apr 24

SOW Asia: 有教無淚 (Video)

Thank you SOW Asia and students from The City University of Hong Kong for the meaningful video. Dyslexia is very common among students, however, only a few truly understand their needs. This video tells you all they need are just the suitable methods to learn.

有教無淚 SOW Asia.webp

Apr 10

Metro Daily:
With Innovation, SEN Students Can Also Shine

Thank you Daisy Chow for featuring Ms. Chan and her work in Metro Daily about how Ms. Chan leads the Boaz team to help dyslexic students to overcome their academic barriers with innovative learning strategies. Ms. Chow also agrees with Boaz's belief that "If children do not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn." It is always our mission to help children to find their most suitable ways to learn. 


Feb 2

HK01: The Tragic Emotion of Son
Sharing with Professor Sin and Parent of a son with SEN

Thank you HK01 for inviting Ms. Chan, parent of a son with SEN, together with Professon Sin, to address the difficulties children with SEN face during their learning journey. It is hard for the children and also their families.
As a Dylexic, Ms. Chan understand the difficulties children face daily and Boaz Education was established to help them! We believe that every child can learn, even child with SEN can become an independent learner!

2018_01_29 記者招待會 photo.webp

Jan 29

Egive x ParentsDaily: Always By Your Side

Ms. Chan is delighted to be invited by Egive For You Charity Foundation to share her experience as a dyslexia learner and talked about the life-changing moment when she had the chance to learn in alternative ways. Hoping that Boaz Education can benefit more children and their families by walking through together and solving their daily difficulties in emotional control and parent-child relationship.
We are always by your side.

Egive x ParentsDaily.webp


JCI City Lady Magazine - Ladieslink
(2018 January Edition)

​Miss Chan is delighted to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia and the reason establishing Boaz Education in the JCI City Lady Magazine - Ladieslink (January Edition). Hope the story of Ms Chan can encourage more children with SEN  to believe in themselves. Everyone even with SEN has talent and together we can bring a better future to our students!

JCI magazine.webp

Sep 29

Metro Daily: Making Dyslexia Into Gifted Strength

Thank you Ms. Gammy Kwok for the brilliant article inMetro Daily about the reason behind Ms. Chan forming Boaz Education. There is strength within everyone that you can make your disadvantages into your advantages!


Nov 26

We Like HK online voting

“I encounter words that I cannot understand when I go to school everyday”, “I can't remember the words even if I spell it for a hundred times”, “I can’t even read the menu in a restaurant”… Dyslexic students pay great effort to cope with their difficulties everyday. We believe that every child has strength. Every child can be an independent learner!
If you support us, give us your vote and walk with us to create a better future for our children. Thank you!

Welikehk 努力有明天.webp

Sep 8

Orange News:
An Education Centre formed a Dyslexic Teacher

Thank you Orange News for featuring Ms. Chan about the hardship in running an Education Centre, specialized in serving for children with Dyslexia, and spreading the message which we believe that every child can shine with their talent!


 Jul 21

Boaz's Big TV Advertisement in Causeway Bay

Look up in Causeway Bay! Thank you JCI City and Innovative Entrepreneurship Award for the opportunity to spread Boaz's message in the crowd of the city on Russell Street, Causeway Bay. We hope that more people in the public understand that students with Dyslexia can also be motivated to learn with the right methods.



Boaz's posters in MTR stations

Thanks to JCI City and Innovative Entrepreneurship Award for their support, Boaz's latest posters have been published and displayed in 14 MTR stations in Hong Kong. Find us in MTR!

Boaz mtr poster.webp

Jun 12

Sharing on RTHK "Listen & Talk 3"

Ms. Chan and Ms.Odilia shared in the "Listen & Talk 3" program on RTHK about their experiences in special education and also Ms. Chan's self-experience in overcoming dyslexia. Check it out!


May 30

CR1 "Crosstrade" hosted by Mr Chan Wing Luk

CR1 has been inviting different social impact enterprises to introduce their services to their listeners. Boaz Education is very honoured to participate in the “Crosstrade” program hosted by Mr. Chan Wing Luk on 30/5/2017. Our two founders, Ms. Twiggy Chan and Ms. Odilia Kan talked about their journey starting up Boaz Education and their commitments in helping children with dyslexia and other special education needs.
You can listen to the interview again on


May 11

Hong Kong Economic Journal: 讀障同路人 辦學有教無類

Thank you Hong Kong Economic Journal for featuring Ms. Chan, the story of herself and Boaz Education. We are delighted that the article on HKGCC Bulletin has been reported in  HKEJ, bringing Boaz's message to their readers. Boaz is here to facilitate children with Dyslexia, learn to learn independently.


Apr 13

U-Magazine Interview

Thank you U-Magazine for interviewing Ms. Chan and sharing the story of her struggled learning journey and entrepreneurship. Boaz Education is committed to raise public awareness about Dyslexia and we hope our persistence can bring hopes to more families!


Jan 26

FunChannel Interview:
我有我天空 - Twiggy - 常被誤解的一群

Thank you FunChannel for interviewing Ms. Chan to help raise the public awareness of dyslexia. In the video, Ms. Chan, who overcame dyslexia, will let you know that the group of students with dyslexia are always misunderstood by the public. However, they can also get good academic achievements if they have the suitable learning strategies.



Kam Fan Award: Boaz Won 6 Awards for Social Campaign with The Impossible Test

We hope The Impossible Test allows more people to understand and share the experiences of dyslexic people. We would like to express our deep gratitude for the generous support, especially the creative team of Grey Group Hong Kong.


Nov 11

MingPao: Dyslexic teacher invents creative words recognition strategies to help children

Starting a business is challenging, but what’s more challenging is to overcome dyslexia.
Boaz wants our children to understand that no matter how much difficulties they face, nothing is impossible as long as they hold on to their beliefs and dreams.

Boaz Education - Ming Pao 2016-11-11.webp

Oct 24

Commercial Radio Interview:
The Dyslexia Instructor Who Overcame Dyslexia

Ms. Twiggy Chan was invited by the Commercial Radio to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia to support the parents and students who encounter the same challenges on their learning path. Listen more about what Ms. Chan shared in the show!

881903 Radio Boaz Education.webp

Sep 6

A Taste of Dyslexia - The Impossible Test

To increase the public awareness of dyslexia in Hong Kong,  this simulation test shows how a person with dyslexia struggles to take a 3-minute test of multiple-choice questions. Special thanks to Grey Group Hong Kong for the incredible work!

End Page_Dyslexia.webp

May 27

Viu TV Interview: The Rationale Behind Our Strategies

Our founder Ms. Twiggy Chan and co-founder Ms. Odilia Kan shared about Boaz's belief and our unique strategies in teaching our students. Understand more about the rationale behind our strategies in the video!

Boaz Education ViuTV interview 27May2016.webp

Apr 17

HK01 News:
A dyslexic teacher inspiring dyslexic students

If you were given a chance to choose from  
A) package with high salary and welfare;
B) getting one-third of the original pay; and
C) earning only 3k to 4k per month,
how would you choose?

Thanks HK01 for the interview about why and how Ms. Twiggy Chan overcame her challenges to follow her passion.

HK01 Boaz Education.webp

Aug 27

Dyslexia Awareness Day

Dyslexia awareness day is a special event where everyone becomes a dyslexic walking through Central. This event aims to increase public awareness of both the need and positive side of dyslexia.
To know more, check out the the below video for more information.

Dyslexia Awareness Day.webp

Apr 1

HKFeel Radio Program: The Gift of Dyslexia (讀障天才)

Collaborating with HKFeel Radio for a series of 6 episodes, Twiggy, Odilia and Christie shared about their successful story of how to overcome dyslexia, as well as the different strategies of helping kids with learning difficulties.

HKFeel radio Program Boaz Education.webp

Jan 29

HKFeel Radio Program - A Unique Education

Ms. Twiggy Chan shared her personal experience in the program in the hope of bringing positive vibes and inspiring more families with similar experience.


Oct 20

Hong Kong Economic Times:
Afterschool Homework Tutoring

Is your child struggling with homework? Our team can help you understand the reasons behind. Check it out!

20 Oct 2014 經濟日報 HW Tutoring2.webp

Jun 17

i-Cabel TV Chanel 62 Sports King

This program features the start of our "More than a Game". Watch the video to understand more about how Ms. Twiggy Chan and Ms. Odilia Kan affected children through sports activities exchange!

King of Sports Boaz Education.webp

Jun 3

RTHK DAB-31 【Community Involvement Broardcast】
My child has Learning Disabilities:
Understanding Therapeutic Play

Our founder, Ms. Twiggy Chan, shared her view on how our programs can encourage students to learn through playing. Listen to the shows!

Community Broadcast.webp

Apr 28

Hong Kong Economic Times Interview:A Dyslexic helps others as an expert (讀寫障礙 做專家助己助人)

Thank you Hong Kong Economic Times for featuring the story of Ms. Chan overcoming dyslexia and how determined she committed to help children as herself. Read more below.

28 Apr 2014 經濟日報 TC interview.webp

Apr 22

RTHK DAB-31 【Community Involvement Broardcast】
My child has Learning Disabilities:
Understanding Learning Disability (2)

Our founder, Ms. Twiggy Chan, and her mother shared their story on the second episode of the captioned program. Check it out!

Community Broadcast (1).webp

Apr 14

Sky Post: 自行研究習作形式 學障童發揮創意增信心
(SEN Kids boost confidence by invention)

Our "You've Got Talent Program" was featured in Sky Post. You may also understand more about the program for service.

sky post newspaper.webp

Apr 7

Hong Kong Economic Times: 讓孩子無礙飛翔
(Let children fly without barriers)

Thank you Hong Kong Economic Times for featuring Boaz Education about the alternative way for children to learn through strength-based program. It is important to let children discover their own talents! Check it out about our talent-development program: You've Got Talent.

7 Apr 2014 經濟日報 talent program A.webp

Mar 30

Sun Kung Kai Properties:
Hong Kong Self-Care Competition for Children

Our Boaz kids and parents have joined an activity in Hong Kong today that focuses on children's self-care skills. All our lovely students and parents have given a lovely sharing to audience about their experience and insight on how to balance between playing and academic studies.

Our founder, Ms. Twiggy Chan, has also shared her views on the importance of playing in children's growth and provided parents with little tips that can foster "quality playing" for families.

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