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Join Us as a Dyslexia Instructor in Hong Kong

懷著相同信念,博雅思團隊攜手制定最切合孩子需要的教學方法。Sharing the same beliefs, the Boaz team joins hands to teach the way our children learn.

懷著相同信念,博雅思團隊攜手制定最切合孩子需要的教學方法。Sharing the same beliefs, the Boaz team joins hands to teach the way our children learn.

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The differences between teaching students in mainstream schools
and those with dyslexia


Students with dyslexia will experience difficulty in reading and writing. They often exhibit poorer performance in literacy skills and lower motivation in learning as they require extra effort to perform tasks that involve words. Therefore, we believe that dyslexia teachers in Hong Kong need to first understand the learning needs of their students before implementing any interventions. At Boaz, we always teach our students starting from the basics as it is very important that the foundation of a topic is consolidated before gradually building on to more advanced knowledge.


Students with dyslexia often experience difficulties in structuring and organising the knowledge they have learnt. Therefore, they would often report that they are having difficulty retrieving the learnt concepts. In order to improve their retrieval abilities, our dyslexia teachers would provide an overview of the topic to enable students with such a disorder to visualise the structure of the topic before delving into each concept in detail. Children with dyslexia also require more steps to learn a concept as compared to students in mainstream schools. Therefore, when our dyslexia teachers are teaching a particular concept, it is important that the teacher is able to identify how many learning steps the child has to master before reaching the expected learning goal.


Dyslexia teachers in Hong Kong should also note that students with such a disability are more likely to show lower learning motivation and would often be seen as “lazy”. However, this is far from being the case, as dyslexic students do not read and write as efficiently as normal students. They happen to perceive and process words differently and so, they need extra effort and time to process information. For example, it is common for dyslexic children to show mirroring letter problems that are not apparent in students in mainstream schools. It is much more difficult for such students with such a disorder to learn new words as compared to normal students. Therefore, in Boaz, our dyslexia teachers would utilise picturing methods to help the students learn the positioning of the letters.


We hope that by utilising different learning strategies that favour our students, they can gradually overcome their obstacles in learning.

Will I receive training before I teach students with dyslexia?

CCC Kei Faat

Yes, all of Boaz’s dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong will be invited to the training program that we have developed. After completion of the training program, our dyslexia instructors will continue to receive on-the-job training and teaching support to ensure the quality of teaching. 


While in the program, our dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong will need to learn how to identify the specific needs of children. At Boaz, we believe that it is crucial that the instructor is able to understand the learning requirements of the children before providing any intervention. Our program for dyslexia instructors also consists of developing appropriate learning strategies to teach the students to improve their learning ability. It should be noted that the learning strategies teachers take up from the program are expected to be applied flexibly during their lessons. As always, our dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong are encouraged to use activities and games to deliver their learning concepts during their lessons. 


Apart from professional training, we provide on-the-job training where our dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong are consistently evaluated and observed when conducting their lessons. All instructors will be supervised throughout the teaching process and are encouraged to ask for guidance when needed. Our centre also provides regular training for dyslexia instructors to improve our teaching quality and to also help our instructors to grow professionally. Our especially-designed program also covers a range of topics and would outsource professionals from different fields to deliver training. 

What opportunities will I receive as a dyslexia instructor in Hong Kong?

professinoal development

When our trainees eventually become dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong, they will be able to work with children across different age ranges. Our clients at Boaz are mostly children with dyslexic, yet, our dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong would also have opportunities to encounter those that have other forms of learning disorders, such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), autism, intellectual disability as well as speech or hearing delay. 

Our dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong are mostly based at our learning centre to provide learning support to children. However, instructors would also have the opportunity to provide SEN learning support in local schools. Apart from scheduled teaching, our dyslexia instructors will also assist in organising and preparing teaching and training materials for parents and other dyslexia instructors in Hong Kong or overseas. Our centre also runs camps and events regularly for children and parents and so, our trained dyslexia instructors would have the opportunity to help in organising and leading such events as well.

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