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1:1 Individual Learning Support

(Chinese, English and Maths Learning Support)

We understand children with special learning needs. Supporting individually, we set individual learning goals and provide dyslexia training with innovative learning strategies, to facilitate them in becoming independent learners. From word recognition, to be able to write and proofread, our curriculum targets their needs and bridge them to adopt in the school curriculum.

"Spell to Read" Group


Teaching children with dyslexia to learn the differences between letter names and letter sounds. Through training which can help overcome dyslexia such as spelling with visual strategies, and pronouncing words by sound-blending strategies, children will be able to read by syllables and understand full comprehensions systematically.

Davis®Dyslexia Correction Program


The Davis® Dyslexia Correction Program is an internationally recognized program that originated from the United States in the 1980s.  It is now practiced in 45 nations in over 30 languages.

This program teaches clients the ways to recognize and control the mental state that leads to distorted and confused perceptions of letters, words, and numerals. The above techniques can help tackle problems associated with dyslexia.

(Soft-skills Development Program for SEN)

Everyone can shine. This dyslexia training program aims to empower children to identify their own strengths and potentials, to build soft skills for their future careers. Through various hands-on experiences, children will equip with equivalent skills benefit for both their academic and career development, such as questioning skill, summarisation skill, prioritizing skill, organization skill, problem-solving skill, etc.



Every holiday, we organise different day-camps about various topics related to social issues or common growth-development issues. Children learn different topics outside the classroom, such as the Purposes of Studying, Value of Money, Understanding the difficulties of Parents, etc. Children are set with individual goals to achieve their potential during the camps.