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Previous Services

We are committed to serve the society, read more about our services provided.

Teacher Training @ Sahk B.m. Kotewall Memorial School
- October 2022 -

Thank you Sahk B.m. Kotewall Memorial School for inviting us to run a training workshop for teachers and therapists, sharing how to identify students’ learning needs in different subjects and use their strengths, such as finding patterns and using visual strategies to facilitate students to learn different concepts effectively. Feedbacks from teachers and therapists have reflected that the training was enriching and the techniques are practical. We hope the strategies we shared can be implemented into classrooms for students to learn effectively.
To learn more information about our talks? Feel free to contact us and keep following our Facebook page!


Volunteer Training @ Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups
- August 2022 -

Thank you Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups for having Boaz to give a talk at the Hung Hom Youth Space on supporting students with dyslexia in their homework and revision. Through case studies, we are happy to analyze the students’ behavioral problems and the management strategies with the volunteers. We are glad to see most participants tried analyzing and understanding the needs and abilities of students at different levels. We hope there are more opportunities to share with different volunteers on how to support students with learning disabilities in the future!

Boaz International Education Institute X Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups - Volunteer

Teacher Training@ The University of Saint Joseph, Macau
- May 2022 -

We are very glad to be invited by The University of Saint Joseph in Macau to provide an online training workshop for teachers on how to provide the best support for SEN students. Miss Chan has shared her valuable experience and analyzed various real cases of teaching SEN students. The teachers enjoyed it so much and found the workshop very useful and insightful.

Teacher Training Macau University.jpg

College Students Training@ Poly U CPCE Student Affairs Office
- May 2022 -

Thank you Janice from Poly U CPCE Student Affairs Office for inviting Miss Chan to share and demonstrate some effective learning techniques with some of the college students with special education needs. We have received positive feedback from students, they reflected that the techniques Miss Chan shared were useful and also practical. They were able to demonstrate in the workshop which made it more effective when compared to a simple informative lecture.

College SEN student training Poly U CPCE Student Affairs Office.png

Teacher Training@ Korean International School, Hong Kong
- Jan 2022 -

Thank you Korean International School for inviting Boaz to give teacher training on dyslexia for the learning support team. It was a pleasure for us to share the knowledge about dyslexia and SEN so that more teachers can understand our kids and help them learn better!

Teacher Training Korean International School.jpg

Parent Training@ C.C.C. Kwei Wah Shan College
- Dec 2021 -

Mind-map can be useful but do you know how to use them?
Can students identify the learning objectives and how to ask themselves questions?
Great thanks to C.C.C. Kwei Wah Shan College for inviting Miss Chan to share some studying strategies for parents to guide their child’s learning at the secondary level. Parents commented that they have gained a lot and the techniques can help their kids learn more effectively.
Thank you for the participation of parents and we will continue to carry on our teaching belief – “If the children do not learn we teach, we teach the way we learn.”

Parent training C.C.C. Kwei Wah Shan College.jpg

Teacher Training@ Forest House Waldorf School
- Dec 2021 -

We were very glad to be invited by Forest House Waldorf School to provide professional SEN training for the teachers! The more we equip ourselves, the better learning experience our children will receive!

Teacher Training Forest House Waldorf School.jpg

Parent Training@ Mong Kok Baptist Church
- Dec 2021 -

Thank you Mong Kok Baptist Church for inviting Boaz to hold the parents’ talk. Miss Chan taught parents’ learning strategies to deal with difficulties encountered when doing homework and revision with their child. We are so thankful for the kind comments from parents. Many parents have commented that the the strategies are helpful and they learnt more about the purpose behind their child’s behaviour.

Parent training Mong Kok Baptist Church.jpg

Parent Training@ SKH St Michael Primary School
- Dec 2021 -

Thank you SKH St Michael Primary School for inviting Boaz to hold the parents’ talk. From a struggle learner’s point of view, Miss Chan taught parents how to identify and support their child’s learning needs. We are so thankful for the participation and positive comments from parents. Many parents have commented that the learning strategies are very down-to-earth and easy to understand.

Parent talk SKH St Michael Primary School.jpg

Parent Training@ Pui Tak Canossian Primary School
- June 2021 -

Parents play essential role in children’s learning path.
Boaz was pleased to be included in Pui Tak Canossian primary school parents’ training session. Miss Chan cordially shared with parents what kids usually face when they come along with spelling English letters. And she also taught parents some effective learning strategies which could be applied at home. We are grateful for parents positive comments, we will insist on our teaching belief and serve more SEN parents in need.

Parent talk Pui Tak Canossian primary.jpg

Parent Training@ CCC Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong)
- June 2021 -

Parents always ask: Why do I keep failing in teaching or understanding my kids?

Great thanks to CCC Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong) for inviting Boaz to hold the parents' talk.

Experiencing as someone who has dyslexia, Miss Chan has encouraged parents to see the world through their children's eyes, understand their difficulties and misconceptions in learning, and provide suitable learning strategies.

Our children can also learn independently with the right help!

Parent talk  CCC Kei Faat Primary School (Yau Tong).png

Developing Student's talent for SEN students @ The University of Hong Kong
- May 2021 -

Thank you Dr. Yuen for inviting Miss Chan to share her experience with students of the Master of Education. To develop students' talent, she thought it is important for teachers to give students opportunities to step out of their comfort zones and learn to fail. Just like how Boaz runs the talent programmes, we believe students with SEN could too find their strengths and eventually make paths to their yearning future career.

Developing Student's talent for SEN students -HKU.jpg

Career Talks in SEN Education industry for prospective teachers
@ Open University

- April 2021 -

We are honored, which the Hong Kong federation of youth groups, Investor and Financial Education Council, and HKEX Foundation have invited our director, Miss Twiggy Chan, to the “Workplace Investment Programme ” and shared her career insights in the SEN education industry with the prospective teachers from Open University. In the workshop, she claimed that The SEN education industry has great potential in which teachers could even find jobs after professional training. Additionally, she reminded them when they have got into the field, they should first consider students’ needs and then gradually pinout their obstacles in their learning path. Therefore, to find children’s unique way of learning, two ways should be put in practice coordinately. At Boaz, we always put children's needs in the first place and find out the best way to teach them.

Career Talk for SEN teachers open university.jpg

Teacher Training @ Lingnan University School of Continuing Education and S.K.H Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School 
- March 2021 -

Boaz has been actively providing professional training to teachers in different schools so that they can provide appropriate learning supports to students in need. In addition to primary and secondary schools, we also serve tertiary institutions. In the past year, the epidemic has brought many challenges. Boaz was delighted to conduct a series of learning support seminars for teachers in Lingnan University School of Continuing Education and S.K.H Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary School, teaching them how to identify students' learning needs and unique learning skills.
No matter it is online or offline, our seminars have been well recognised. We hope teachers can apply what they have learned and provide appropriate supports to more students in need!

Lingnan University School of Continuing Education and S.K.H Lui Ming Choi Memorial Primary

Sharing @ Hong Kong University of Education

- Jan 2020 -

As an alumnus of Hong Kong University of Education, Miss Chan returned and shared with the students and staff who are interested to start up meaningful businesses to help and contribute to society. From being a qualified teacher to being an entrepreneur, Miss Chan gained hard-won experience through overcoming Dyslexia. Her stories are painful but rewarding!

HKied talk.jpg

Professional Development for Teachers @ Lingnan University

- Jan 2020 -

Thank you Lingnan University LIFE Department for inviting us to share with the lecturers about Dyslexia. We hope all of you have a deeper understanding of the struggles of students with learning disabilities and how we can assist them to overcome the learning disability by adjusting a little bit in our teaching approach.

"All of us can achieve better, with a suitable motor!"

Lingnan Talk.jpg

Boaz's mission spreading in Singapore!

- Nov 2019 -

Thank you for the great opportunity to let Boaz spread our mission and service in Singapore! It was great to exchange ideas with school teachers and understand more about the needs of students with learning disabilities, not only in Hong Kong.  


Staff Professional Development

- Oct 2019 -

New Term started again! The first round of staff professional development workshops has just finished. Hope all teachers could understand better the difficulties encountered by SEN students and be able to equip them with new skills to teach our children. Have a smooth and rewarding year ahead!


2-Day Parents Training Workshop in CCC Kei Faat Primary School

A two-day parents workshop was held in CCC Kei Faat Primary School to help parents identify the special learning needs of children and most importantly provide our Chinese, English, Maths learning support.  

CCC Kei Faat (2) (1).jpeg

Fullness Social Enterprises Society – Sharing Session

Thank you Andrew and Fullness Social Enterprises Society (豐盛社企學會) for inviting Miss Chan to share how she overcame dyslexia as well as her experience on starting Boaz Education. It was uneasy for her to encounter all the challenges on the start-up journey.

We were glad to meet and share our ideas with people with great support to social enterprises and with the same mission to create a better future in Hong Kong.


Catering for Learning Diversities

(Guest Lecture in the Faculty of Education, HKU)

Thank you Faculty of Education, University of Hong Kong, for inviting Miss Chan and Miss Vienne to share ‘Catering for Learning Diversities’ with the prospective teachers in tackling learning disabilities.

​"A good teacher must be able to put himself in the place of those who find learning hard." Eliphas Levi

​We hope that through understanding more about the need and struggles of the children with SEN, the prospective teachers could be well-prepared for a wonderful class and inspire more students with the power of learning.

WhatsApp Image 2019-01-19 at 22.49.08 (2

2018 Christmas Wild Camp @ Boaz X 山與海

Our Christmas Wild Camp was successfully held in December 2018. Students tried wild camping and cooking, building tents for their first time. And all of them enjoyed this unique and exciting experience very much.


We are glad to have 山與海 and the instructors for their excellent guidance and planning, as well as our parents for their support and participation.


English Learning Strategies Workshop (Parent & Children) – Fall 2018

The English Learning Skills Workshop (Fall 2018) was successfully held on 4th, November, 2018.


We are glad to have Broadway Toys Limited (栢龍玩具) and Eddie for their provision of board games, as well as grateful to have our parents participating.


Sharing Session – Come Know SEM Lab on Oct29

Thank you SMELAB for inviting Miss Chan to share about her experience in starting a business by discovering the niche in the Blue Ocean.


"Everyone is gifted, but some people never open their package." We hope that all children can learn to identify their own gifts, embrace their uniqueness, and shine their strengths.


Shatin Emmanuel Church – Parents' Talk

Thank you Shatin Emmanuel Church for inviting Miss Chan to teach parents how they can bring their kids to “escape from learning barriers”! We understand initiating special education is not an easy task. Through this talk, we are very happy to share with parents the skills to help students learn in academics and the effective methods for parent-child communication as well as helping their children overcome learning disabilities. We hope that all parents can gain from us and grow with their children together!

Facebook Post.jpg

Tsuen Wan Baptist Church – Parents' Talk

Thank you Tsuen Wan Baptist Church for inviting us to share with parents, SEN tutors and some university students about how we deal with different situations when taking care of children with special learning needs, especially the teaching strategies and behavioural management.


Miss Chan’s first-hand experience in overcoming Dyslexia allows her to help students with SEN set goals and provide them with motivation for further achievements. We believe that every child has his/her own potential, through sharing with parents and teachers, we hope that they will be the best companions of the children with SEN, together embrace the obstacles ahead and boost their confidence.

Facebook Post (1).jpg

Sharing in Changing Young Lives Foundation

Thank you Changing Young Lives Foundation for inviting us to share with their tutors the essential skills for effectively teaching students with special learning needs.


With Miss Chan sharing her own experience in helping those students, we hope to provide down-to-earth strategies for tutors in conducting homework and revision sessions with students with SEN, through understanding more about the special learning needs of these students and the corresponding teaching strategies, they can adopt suitable teaching methods to support the students.

Facebook 001.jpg

Sharing Session in Faculty of Education, HKU

Thank you Dr. Yuen for inviting Miss Chan to share with MEd students at HKU about the talents and career development of Twice-Exceptional children. It was great to see we can inspire people to help children in society. Every party can make a positive influence on a child. We believe all children can find their strengths and can learn in their own ways!

WhatsApp Image 2018-09-20 at

Staff Development Day (2018 Fall)

The new school year has started! Our staff was gathered for dyslexia training to equip us with more knowledge and to understand the new trend in the special education industry. Thank you all for your passion and enthusiasm towards analyzing the needs of our kids and bringing positive influence to them! Let’s shine together this year!

Facebook post 001.jpg

Sharing in Lingnan University

Thank you Dr. Siu Yan Ho for inviting us to give a talk at Lingnan University, sharing the experiences and characteristics of being SEN instructors. We could see some students who are passionate and interested in working in the field of special education.

If you wish to teach SEN children with skills that they can use to help and strengthen their learning, welcome to join us!

Website 001.jpg

Sharing in teachers' workshop for British Council, Hong Kong

 We are delighted that Miss Chan was invited by British Council Hong Kong to share with the teachers from different walks of life her strategies in learning English and Chinese and her vision of the future of special education.

British Council.jpg

Startup Career Fair 2017, Polytechnic University

Boaz is recruiting!

The Start-up Career Fair 2017 at the Polytechnic University (23 November 2017) is over, but our recruitment is still on! Let us know if you are the type of candidate that we are looking for!


WhatsApp Image 2017-11-28 at 15.55.43 (2

Social Innovation - Staff Development for City University of Hong Kong

Miss Chan is delighted to share her experience in Social Innovation for staff development of the City University of Hong Kong. Hope the talk has inspired more people to understand and support the development of social enterprises and social innovation. Let's create a better society together!


Parents Talk for Hans Andersen Club

Miss Chan is delighted to be invited by Hans Andersen Club to share with parents her experience of successfully overcoming dyslexia and some learning strategies in Chinese, English, Maths learning support for students with Dyslexia. Hope we could give dyslexia training to the parents along the journey of their kids and let them see the bright future in their children!

Parents Talk for Hans Andersen Club.jpg

Parents and Teachers' Talk for Whampoa Alliance Church

Miss Chan was invited to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia with the parents, teachers, and friends of Whampoa Alliance Church. She also shared about the methods to enhance students’ learning. Hope we can benefit more children who are having tutorials there and might more and more families see hopes in their children!

WhatsApp Image 2017-10-19 at

Sharing in JCI City Ladies social evening

Miss Chan was honored to share her experience in overcoming dyslexia and the current situation of special education in Hong Kong with all the professionals from different fields in the JCI City Ladies social evening. Hope our students can be more recognized in society and we can bring a better future for our students!


Sharing in teachers' workshop for Baptist Rainbow Primary School

Principal Chu's vision in the education field is admirable and we are happy that Miss Chan was invited by Baptist Rainbow Primary School to share with the school teachers about her dyslexia , teaching experiences and provide Chinese, English, Maths learning support.


Teachers' Training Workshop at Singapore International School (Hong Kong)

Thanks to Singapore International School (Hong Kong) for inviting Boaz to provide dyslexia training workshops for school teachers. We introduced Differentiation and Learning Strategies for students with special learning needs and shared our experiences on how to apply classroom setting accommodations and behavioural management techniques.


It was great to see the teachers practicing enthusiastically in the activities and learning different skills to help the students with different learning disabilities!

WhatsApp Image 2017-04-13 at 23.52.15 (1

Boaz's First Presentation in Israel

We are happy to have our first presentation in Israel! Miss Chan shared her experience in Israel about how to help students with special learning needs to become independent learners. It's fun and happy to learn from the passionate educators around the world!

Israel Presentation.jpg

HKFYG Talk: Classroom Management and Practical Teaching Strategies

Thank you HKFYG for inviting us to share with social workers and tutors about our classroom management techniques and practical dyslexia training. We are delighted to see so many enthusiastic co-workers having a good understanding of kids with SEN and we are happy to discuss with these enthusiastic people about different techniques in teaching kids with SEN. It is a great opportunity to learn from each other! Thanks again to HKFYG for your invitation!

WhatsApp Image 2017-03-24 at 2.56.02 PM

Reading2KidsHK Guest Sharing

Thank you Reading2KidsHK for inviting us for guest sharing in the Reading Festival 2017! Kids love stories, so do our children learning words with stories!


Invitation from HKTDC - How to start and run an SEN center

 Our founder Miss Chan was invited to share her experiences in starting and running her business. She hoped that more passionate educators will devote themselves to special education to help more children with special learning needs.


English School Foundation CPD - Dyslexia Training for Teachers

Thanks English School Foundation (ESF) for inviting our Chinese Team in October 2016 to run a dyslexia training for ESF teachers on the topic of Dyslexia and the Development of Chinese Reading Skills for students studying in international schools. Having overcome dyslexia, Miss Chan understands the difficulties of students with learning disabilities,  Chinese is not that complicated when you have the suitable learning strategies!

WhatsApp Image 2016-10-19 at

Dyslexia Workshop at HKU

Miss Chan shared her experience in dyslexia intervention and her devotion in special education with the students of the Faculty of Education in the University of Hong Kong - happy sharing time!


Meeting with Mr. Lo, The Chairman of HKTDC

Thank you Mr. Lo for sharing his insight about running a start-up with a social mission. We learnt a lot!


Guest Lecture at HKU Space

Miss Chan has shared her successful stories of overcoming dyslexia with a group of students promoting lifelong learning.


Parents' Training - Change your learning with strategies

Sharing with over 300 parents, Miss Chan demonstrated how parents can change their ways of teaching to help their child learn effectively.


Teacher Training Workshop

Never stop learning! Miss Chan shared with a group of professional teachers about effective tactics in boosting self-learning motivation in the school context.

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